"Overcast Overpass" by Adam Clague  (Above) 

8 X 10 (inches), Oil on panel, 2014 

"Waiting for Green" by Andrea Orr Clague (Right) 

10 X 8 (inches), Oil on panel, 2014

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Seeing Eye to Eye 
Recent Plein Air Paintings by Andrea Orr Clague & Adam Clague

November 6th, through December, 2015

Last autumn, during The 2014 Brush Creek Art Walk Painting Competition, juror, Timothy Ward experienced great difficulty in deciding between two paintings for significant awards. So beautiful, engaging, and well executed were these works that the juror found them almost equal on several levels.  Ultimately, both of these oil paintings were awarded for specific merits.  It was after the judging that the juror discovered the two vexingly superb paintings were painted by a wife and husband: Andrea Orr Clague and Adam Clague.  Shared talent by a newly married couple is what inspired this exhibit: Seeing Eye to Eye.    

“Overcast Overpass” painted by Adam and “Waiting for Green” by Andrea are included in Ward & Ward's current exhibition.  A cursory glance of these award-winning works suggests some similar characteristics.  It is close scrutiny that reveals some marked differences in compositional choices, narratives, and brush-work.  Both examples underscore a mutual passion for painting ‘en plein air,’ a French expression 
which means ‘in the open air.’  Both artists paint from life as much as possible with the intent of producing veristic, life-like results. 

Pablo Picasso mused: “… a painting speaks for itself.  What is the use of giving explanations, when all is said and done?  A painter only has one language.”  Adam and Andrea offer us their unique languages with some shared visual grammar.  This intriguing circumstance makes for some impressive results and a strong case for us to learn more about Seeing Eye to Eye.       

Art, and in this instance, Art-making, does indeed imitate life.  These young, yet artistically mature painters of life, met while studying art at Pensacola Christian College.  Both studied under the tutelage of master artist, Brian Jeckel, and earned Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees.  Adam, originally from Michigan, and Andrea, from Ohio, now reside and work in a familial property that has become a home and studio in Liberty, Missouri.  Andrea and Adam enjoy their commitment to their faith, to each other, and their full-time art careers.  Both are members of the Oil Painters of America and the Missouri Valley Society of Impressionist.  Their work is shown nationally and globally including: Butler Institute of Art (OH), The Abrecht-Kemper Museum (MO), and The Museum of European and Modern Art (Barcelona, Spain).